Free HubSpot Theme


What is the Brixi theme?

Brixi is a Free HubSpot theme perfectly optimized for a professional service like a Law Firm, a Consulting Service, or a Dentist. The pages give you all the necessary flexibility and a completely SEO optimized.

How do I install the theme?

The installation of the Free Brixi HubSpot is absolutely simple. Look for it in the HubSpot Marketplace and click the download button. As soon it's loaded in your HubSpot installation you can use it. documentation_choose-theme

How do I create a page?

Within the following, you're able to choose the desired page for your needs. As a sample, we already added a few sections that fit the page needs the best. documentation_choose-template

How do I edit the content?

To make the experience of creating content as easy as possible we added a few elements to every page. Just hover over them, click on them and start to edit them. documentation_layout

What should I do if I have a question?

The Brixi Hubspot is designed for your use.  All the variables are editable within the HubSpot theme without problems. If you need additional support or want to change something feel free to reach out by email: We can love to help you by building your website within the HubSpot CMS.