Free HubSpot Theme


What is the Yohop Theme?

Yohop is a Free HubSpot theme to create your awesome link page. Add all your links to your social profiles and also embed your HubSpot calendar and a form. Add a downloadable vCard with our free vCard generator yohop.io.

How do I create a vCard?

To create a vCard you can use our free vCard generator and upload the *.vcf file to your files within HubSpot and have it as a download for your page visitors. vCard Generator.

Mobile First

The Yohop theme is created for use on a mobile device. Create yourself a QR-code or an NFC tag for your Yohup HubSpot website and share it. As soon a interest opens your Yohop link page he can book a meeting, look at your social media profiles or download your vCard.

How do I install the theme?

The installation of the Free Yohop HubSpot theme couldn't be simpler. Look for it in the HubSpot Marketplace and click on download. As soon it's loaded in your HubSpot instance you can use it by creating a new page.


What should I do if I have a question?

The Yohop HubSpot theme is built for easy use. All the variables are editable within the HubSpot theme without a big hassle. If you need additional support or want to change something feel free to reach out by email: thomas@evendigo.com.