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I did create a few themes and modules. All of them are available at the official HubSpot Marketplace. If you have any questions or need adjustments, please reacht out anytime.


SuperForm Theme

SuperForm allows you to create multistep forms with inputs like regular fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, etc. Choose which form fills will be written into HubSpot properties and which will be stored in a note on the activity flow only.

Demo Documentation
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Brixi Theme

Brixi is a Free HubSpot theme perfectly built for a professional service like a Law Firm, a Consulting Service, or a Dentist. The pages give you all the necessary flexibility and a completely SEO optimized.

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Yohop Theme

Yohop is a Free HubSpot theme to create your awesome link page. Add all your links to your social profiles and also embed your HubSpot calendar and a form. Add a downloadable vCard with our free vCard generator.

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SwipSwap Puzzle

SwipSwap is a HubSpot Module that allows your customer a thrilling and engaging puzzle experience. After completion of the puzzle a contact form can be filled out.

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Business Locator

The business locator modules allow you to place multiple companies on a map and list them. It also comes with a location search and also a distance calculation.

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